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Slovenian culture in Russia

The Embassy establishes contacts with Russian cultural institutions, allowing the promotion of Slovenian cultural creativity and production. It enables, prepares and organises visits by Slovenian cultural institutions, including theatres, galleries, museums, different schools, clubs and individuals. The Embassy also assists in establishing links between different institutions and setting up meetings for them.

The main basis for the cooperation in this field is the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Government of the Russian federation on cooperation in culture, science and education, signed in Moscow on 17 November 1995. In accordance to the agreement, the two countries prepare biennial programmes on cooperation in the above specified areas (Programme on cooperation in culture, science, education and sport in 2013-2015). 

Furthermore, the Embassy maintains contact with the most important representatives of the press, radio and television, publishing or broadcasting economic, political, scientific and cultural information on Slovenia. In addition, it facilitates contacts between Slovenian and Russian media. On special occasions, it holds press conferences on events related to Slovenia.

The Embassy also takes an active part in cooperation between the European Union and the Russian Federation in the fields of culture and education. In this context, it regularly participates in events organised by EU Member States and the EU Delegation to Russia. More information about these activities can be found on the following links: 

Slovenian creativity is also promoted at cultural and other events, held on the Embassy's premises on the occasion of official receptions and meetings with business people and other actors in Russian society.


Contact person: +7 495 737 33 98, e-mail: vmo(at)gov.si  


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